The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Launching our new logo!

This winter, after more than 50 years representing the Ministry to Seafarers, it was time to reimagine our logo. To stay aligned with the CRC, we began by studying what other ministries have done such as World Renew, GEMS, Resonate and Youth Unlimited. Then we considered our own journey.

When M2S first launched it was primarily to serve Dutch seafarers docking in the Port of Montreal. Today, our identity is broader because we serve seafarers from all over the world and from all faiths.

Our new logo emphasizes Montreal (in English and French) and the domain in which we work. While our message has not changed, our methods have. At M2S we often say, “Find out where God is already working and join him there.” We hope and pray that our refreshed identity will open new doors in our community, that all seafarers will feel included in what we do, and that you will too.

About our logo, we have to ask, “Do you see a cityscape or a ship’s bow?”

We sincerely thank our graphic designer, Paul Harman, for turning our elementary sketches, hand gestures and vague verbal descriptions into a beautiful logo.

For anyone using our logo, please request the new logo files and a copy of our Brand Guide.

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