The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Meet Chaplain David

David grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He moved to Montreal for work with a desire to see how all he learned in his Reformed upbringing would apply to a larger context and how he could create a place of spiritual safety for others.  After moving to Montreal, David completed a BTH from Farel Reformed Theological Seminary. He started working at Ministry to Seafarers in 2006. David is married to his wife Brennan. They enjoy spending time outdoors.

Getting to Know David

What is your favorite part of your job?
“Every ship is a different environment— a world unto itself.”

What is the most interesting place you’ve been to? Why?
“The Philippines— in the providence of Misamis Occidental, on the island of Mindanao. The mountains are like the Laurentians Mountains near Mont Tremblant. The villages are hike-in, hike-out.  When I was there, I saw a lot of people living a subsistence lifestyle. Being there reminded me of Jesus’ time. I liked seeing how people lived without all the technology that we have now.”

What is one of your favorite foods?

“Turkey. I wish I could eat turkey as often as I eat chicken.”

What is one lesson you have learned from seafarers?

“Instead of avoiding suffering like most people do, many seafarers are willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their families. This is a really useful life-lesson because we are all going to suffer at some point— if we try to avoid suffering, it will only be more difficult handle when it comes.”

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