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Psalm 1 Journal Starter

Hi friends! Thank you so much for joining us here.

We hope to provide you with some questions to spark reflection on the Psalms.

If you want to, you can share some of your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear how God is working in your heart.

[You can listen to Psalm 1 here. You can find Psalm 1 in the New International Version here.]

Journal Starter for Psalm 1

In Psalm 1, we see pictures of two different people— the “wicked” person and the “blessed” person.
The wicked person follows the advice of the wicked, stands around with sinners, and joins in with mockers.
The blessed person delight’s in God’s Word, meditates on God’s Word, and plants himself in God’s Word.
Imagine these two people working on your ship or spending time in your home.

In what ways and in what situations do you act like the first person?
In what ways and in what situations do you act like the second person?

Imagine what it would look like for you to be the second person.

What changes might God be inviting you to make so you can grow and be full of life?
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