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Psalm 42 Journal Starter

Hi friends! Thank you so much for joining us here.

We hope to provide you with some questions to spark reflection on the Psalms.

If you want to, you can share some of your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear how God is working in your heart.

You can listen to Psalm 42 here. You can find Psalm 42 in the New International Version here.

Journal Starter for Psalm 42

The Psalmist says his soul thirsts for God. He deeply desires to be with God. 
Write/talk to God about your thirsts (aka desires). What do you thirst for? How do you satisfy those thirsts? Can they be satisfied? What do you do with thirsts that cannot be satisfied?

Imagine being in God's physical presence. How does being with Him change you? How does being with God influence your thirsts?
The writer of this psalm is going through a time of deep sadness. He is thirsty for God, but his salty tears are his food instead. 
Write/talk to God about a time when you were in deep sadness, or tell Him about the sadness you are experiencing right now. What are you thinking and feeling? 
People taunt the Psalmist saying, "Where is your God?"
Write about a time someone said discouraging or mean things to you about your faith. What was that like? How did you respond? How did God help you?

Imagine Jesus standing next to you in that moment. What difference does Jesus' presence make?
Even in his pain, the Psalmist remains to connected to God and God comforts him. By day, God shows him His love and by night God gives him a song of praise. The Psalmist says his hope is in God and that he will continue to praise Him. 
What motivates you on a daily basis? What are you looking forward to right now?

What is hope? What does it look like to hope in God?

Write down some of the attributes (characteristics) of God you are grateful for, even in the midst of your pain. 
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