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Psalm 51 Journal Starter

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We hope to provide you with some questions to spark reflection on the Psalms.

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You can listen to Psalm 51 here. You can find Psalm 51 in the New International Version here.

Journal Starter for Psalm 51

King David wrote this psalm after the prophet Nathan confronted David about committing adultery with a woman named Bathsheba. David also intentionally caused Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, to be killed in attempts to hide his sin.

In Psalm 51, we see an example of repentance— turning away from sin and walking in the opposite direction. 
Repentance involves acknowledging, or confessing, our sin. With Nathan's help, David acknowledged his sin to the Lord.
How has God graciously showed you your sin in the past? Sometimes He shows us our sin through prayer, the Bible, or other people. Thank God for how He has loved you through showing you your sin.

Take a moment to be still before the Lord. Ask Him to show you if there is any sin in your heart or your actions.

If there is sin in your life that the Holy Spirit is or has been showing you, pause now and take as much time as you need to acknowledge it to the Lord. Conviction of sin is an invitation to deep intimacy with God! God wants you to become increasingly free of the things that bring destruction and darkness. He wants you to be close to Him and become more like Him— for your good and His glory! His arms are open wide and He delights in you as His child. 
Over and over, David asked God to clean and renew him. David realized that he could not clean himself or take away his own sin. He knew that only God could clean and heal him. 
Why can it be tempting to try to take away our own sin without God's help?

What things keep us from confessing our sin to God and/or other people?

Do you believe that God can completely clean you from your sins? Why or why not?

Take as long as you need now to confess to God that you cannot clean yourself on your own and that you need Him to clean and restore your heart. Praise Him for being faithful to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness!

How has God freed you from sin?
Repentance involves walking in the opposite direction of our sin. David expressed his desire to walk toward the joy of salvation, godly leadership and teaching, and worship—all through God's help and power. 
What might God be asking you to walk toward today? What would it look like to walk in the opposite direction of your sin? What would it look like to walk toward God?

How has God freed you from guilt and empowered you to serve Him?
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