The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Serving seafarers during the pandemic

At the Ministry to Seafarers we remain active though every day there are different challenges and restrictions. For example, some of the terminals now refuse to let us enter because we are considered "non-essential workers".

Mostly we are distributing literature, phone cards and other items the seafarers request such as ramen noodles and shampoo.

The seafarer pictured sent money home at the beginning of February. The financial services company that he used put a hold on his money and later cancelled the transfer without explanation. After 6 weeks his ship returned to Montreal. However, the shipping company and the terminal have new policies that restrict the seafarers from getting off the ship. Appeals to the captain and the terminal security were successful and we brought him to the agent to have the money returned. The agent told us to call customer service. After many attempts customer service gave the refund code. Then we took the seafarer back to the agent and the money was refunded.
A bucket to pass items to and from the person on shore. 
A seafarer's money transfer from February was cancelled for unknown reasons. It took several hours to get permission to go ashore and get the money back. Many times when we tried to call customer service we heard "All circuits are busy" or "We are experiencing extremely high call volume. We cannot take your call at this time."
Once we obtained a line we waited over an hour to speak with customer service. 

The money is finally returned!
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