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Mark 9 Conversation

Thank you for joining us in listening to Mark 9! If you haven't listened to it yet, you can do so here. Access a written copy of Mark 9 in the NLT here.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this passage of scripture. Below are some questions that made us think. Feel free to answer one or all of them! You can also comment with any other questions or thoughts about the chapter.

Discussion Questions

1. Peter, James, and John went up a mountain with Jesus. They saw Moses and Elijah (who had died) there. Jesus' appearance suddenly changed. God spoke to the them in a loud voice and said, "This is my son, whom I love. Listen to Him!"
-Tell about a time Jesus showed you who He was more clearly.

-How do we listen to Jesus now?

-When is it hard to listen to Jesus?

-What growth or encouragement has listening to Jesus brought in your life?
2.  A crowd gathered around a boy possessed by an evil spirit whom the disciples had tried to heal. Jesus called the crowd an "unbelieving generation" and addressed the boy's father's lack of belief. The father said, "I believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"
-What do you think of your generations' belief in Jesus or lack of belief in Jesus?

-What do you desire to see God do in your generation?

-Tell about a time God helped you overcome your unbelief.

-How do you need God's help today?
3. Jesus was able to cast out the evil spirit. When the disciples asked why He could and they couldn't, He said that kind of spirit could only be cast out by prayer.
-When are you tempted to try to fix things or help people without God's help?

-How might God be inviting you to pray for those who need healing?
4. Jesus told the disciples that He would be betrayed, killed, and rise from the dead three days later.
-What difference does it make that Jesus knew what would happen to Him?
5. The disciples argued over who would be the greatest. Jesus said that whoever wants to be first must be last and a servant to everyone.
-What do you think of Jesus' words?

-What do you think it looks like to be the "last" and a "servant of all?" Does anyone you know fit this description? Describe that person.

-How might God be inviting you to serve others?
6. In this passage, Jesus says that whoever welcomes a child welcomes Him and that if anyone causes a child to stumble, it would be better for him to drown.
-How does your culture view kids? How do you think that is similar or different from the way God views children?

-How were you treated as a child? How do you think God saw you as a child?
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