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Psalm 57 Journal Starter

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We hope to provide you with some questions to spark reflection on the Psalms.

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You can listen to Psalm 57 here. You can find Psalm 57 in the New International Version here.

Journal Starter for Psalm 57

David wrote this psalm while Saul and his men were chasing him and trying to kill him. He compared them to lions and other dangerous animals.
Write or pray about the people, temptations, or circumstances that threaten your health and happiness. What would compare them to. Tell God how you feel about these enemies.
Saul and his men set traps for David, but ended up falling into the traps themselves! Their plan to hurt David resulted in them hurting themselves.
Write or pray about a time you had a plan to hurt someone else. Why did you want to hurt them? How did it work out for you?

Tell about a time when someone else tried to hurt you (or someone you know) and it worked against them instead of for them. 
David praised God for being his refuge (safe place). He also praised Him for His great love and faithfulness. He wanted God to be glorified and exalted...even while he was in a very difficult situation.
Praise God for the parts of who He is that you are most grateful for when times are difficult.

Ask God if there is a truth about who He is that He might want you to meditate on today. Consider writing it on a piece of paper and carrying it with you. 

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