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Update on our work during the pandemic

This steward thanked us by giving us an apple juice; This ship's order included a set up paints and canvases for the captain's daughter; Skin lotion and laundry soap for a chief officer; The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The Indonesians are very fond of their Mi Goreng noodles!
On April 23, 2020 our chaplain David wrote, "Yesterday we participated in a conference call with seafarers chaplains across Canada. All have noted increased requests for SIM cards from the crews. Some used to go ashore to use Wi-Fi but now they cannot. Also some agents used to bring SIM cards to the ships but now the stores are all closed. We sell an international SIM card from the UK which we receive by mail."

Here in Montreal we regularly receive requests to deliver SIM cards to ships and we're happy to oblige. Keeping in touch with family is so important for seafarers, especially those who have had their contracts extended due to the pandemic. They don't know when they will get home again.

Can you imagine running out of toothpaste? Crews are responsible for providing their own personal items. But they are not allowed to leave their ships at the moment except for emergencies. So for this reason, David continues to shop and pick up personal items and then he delivers them to the gangway. Social media has become an indispensable way of communicating...and also receiving grocery lists!

Neil, one seafarer communicating on behalf of all his shipmates, recently wrote, “Hello David: Thank you so much. Really big help. We are expecting some goods in Europe last time but they did not come. The guys are sending their warmest gratitude to you. Thank you so much. God bless you always and regards to the ministry. Hope to see you before I sign off next month. Merci beaucoup.”

Thank you for supporting M2S in our efforts to provide services to these essential workers. They transport 90% of all we use and own. Now, imagine running out of the essentials that you have come to rely on: masks, gloves and toilet paper. One way you can express your gratitude is by making a donation to our organization today.  You can also say thank you to a seafarer by posting a note/photo on our Facebook or Instagram feed. That would surely brighten their day! 
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