The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Asha ki Kiran (Ray of Hope)

Sharing Back to God Ministries International Resources

The mission of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) is to use God’s story to reframe lives all around the world, using media to share the Gospel, disciple believers, and strengthen the church. If ever our lives needed to be deeply rooted in God's story, it's now. For seafarers, being rooted in God's larger story is crucial as they continue to be forgotten and unseen during the pandemic. Their plight is becoming more precarious by the day and they are suffering.

For this reason, The Ministry to Seafarers is pleased to announce that we'll be able to provide BTGMI's Hindi audio podcasts as a free resource within our free app. Beginning on July 3, 2020 and every Friday thereafter, Hindi-speaking seafarers will be able to download/listen to a short devotional and find encouragement in Scripture.  

In addition to personal gangway visits, digital chaplaincy and participation in the Chat to a Chaplain pilot project, we hope to resource seafarers as best we can so that they can remain resilient in the face of ongoing uncertainty and restrictions.   
We wish to thank Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) for the generous use of their resources. We appreciate being able to work together and we look forward to the blessings that this will bring.

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