The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Ditty Bags for Seafarers

Toiletries and small essential items are hard for seafarers to come by in a pandemic because they can't shop when there are shore leave restrictions. Help us keep items on hand so we can offer to replenish their supplies on a moment's notice.

Suggested Items

Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shaving foam, razors, aftershave, cologne, dental floss, lip balm, hand cream and body lotion

Snacks: Chocolate, popcorn, gum and assorted nuts

Other: Socks are always welcome as are small souvenirs of Montreal (i.e. key chains, magnets)

Holiday Treats: We mark occasions such as Easter, Day of the Seafarer (June 25), Canada Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

How it works

Fill a small ditty bag with an assortment of suggested items. Please ensure that items are new and in their original packaging. 

Drop off the ditty bag at the address below during the hours listed.

Alternatively, make a minimum donation of $10 and we'll purchase an assortment of items and deliver them when there is a request from a ship.

Note: During the pandemic, we've encouraged crews to contact us in advance with their list of supplies and we do the purchasing on their behalf. They then reimburse us for their expenses. But sometimes requests come at the last minute and we don't have time to do the shopping/make the deliveries before the ship leaves. In these instances, having supplies on hand can help. Also, when ships leave our port, it can be another 10 days before they dock again somewhere else to try and have their orders fulfilled. Also, not all ports offer shopping services.
A Word About Women Seafarers
There are very few women in the shipping industry. We rarely need to give women's items and when we do, M2S has a small budget to make purchases. Therefore, please do not send any items for women.

Dropping off Ditty Bags

If you do come by the office, please wear a mask. You will also need to check-in electronically upon arrival for contact tracing purposes, if necessary.

You can drop off parcels at the Seafarers' Centre in the Old Port of Montreal from Mon-Fri (1:30-6 PM).

The Ministry to Seafarers is located in:
Mariners' House/La Maison des marins
Grand Quai de Montréal
200 rue de la Commune Ouest
Montreal QC H2Y 4B2
Delivering ditty bags
Delivering supplies
Passing up supplies by bucket
Passing up supplies by bucket

"Thank you very much for what you are doing. That is important for crew on board, as less and less port having missions or seamen's clubs and making visits on board, unfortunately."

- D. Volkov, seafarer

"Thanks to Ministry for Seafarers- Montreal and priest David for visiting and rendering assistance to crew on board in time of Covid19 restrictions. Even we cannot invite on board and share cup of coffee Crew of Nysted Maersk appreciated the help."

- Crew of Nysted Maersk -

"Where do you find a courier who pays for your stuff in advance, arrives at your doorstep free of charge, and delivers with a big smile on their face?"

- Crew member, M/V Livorno Express -