The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)


Without prayer, we will have limited impact and effectiveness. We count on your prayers for God's discernment, help, direction and more. Make an investment and join our prayer team today.

Prayer Support

There are many things to pray about, ranging from personal hardships in the lives of seafarers, to ministry-related needs, to issues affecting the shipping industry in general and those who work in it. Sign up for LIFEBOAT, our monthly prayer e-bulletin, and join us in praying for the men and women who work at sea. Alternatively, you can follow us on the ECHO prayer app and benefit from real-time updates as prayers are answered or requests change.
PRAY FOR SEAFARERS, that they might discover the love of God, or if they know Him that they will be strengthened in faith. Also that they be kept safe while far from home. 
PRAY FOR SEAFARERS' FAMILIES, that they will be strong while they are separated from their loved ones and that they too may come to know of Christ and his Good News. 
PRAY FOR CHAPLAINS, that they may have wisdom to know how to minister to the differing needs of the seafarers. 
PRAY FOR THE MINISTRY, that we might always seek to glorify God in whatever he asks us to do. 
PRAY FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS AND INTERNS, that they may be granted wisdom as they serve and that their time may be beneficial to the seafarers, to the center and to themselves. 

"Thank you for kind words and prayers. We all want this pandemic to vanish as soon as safe it can be. Stay safe as well."

- D.V., a seafarer whose ship docks regularly in the Port of Montreal -